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"For today’s episode, we welcome Kayla Shears. She is an incredible artist, composer, sound designer, and electronic artist from California. She lives in Montreal where she has studied and built a career. Her education includes a college degree in Communication Studies from Vanier College, and a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Electroacoustic Studies from Concordia University where she received five grants and awards during her studies. Here is where we had the opportunity to first meet her. Her music and hard work have allowed her to create a platform in the electronic music scene across the world and led her to perform in multiple music festivals. She is the founder of E.Sunrise Productions, a multidisciplinary audio-visual media creation project that undertakes many creative endeavors such as prosthetic reality, video editing, sound design, and other media arts. Furthermore, she is a part of the board of ELAN Quebec’s Inclusion Committee representing artists with disabilities. Her work experience includes being an audio visual technician for over three years, being a sound specialist at Rock Camp for Girls for over two years, and her music production for Kloud Nin9 releases, these include: Keys of Starlight, Rising Luminosity, Breathe Out, Book of Life, Magic Island, and Unveil. She also has credits such as sound designing for the short film Spark, and sound editing for the short film Jessica for the White Bloody Publishing and Khaos Lab Company. Sound Space is a podcast where co-hosts Anthony Caci and Jaian Mascotto interview guests of the audio and music industry. Every episode, they will introduce a new guest and will dive into their beginnings and current participation, and contributions to the world of sound. Sound Space wants to present listeners with stories and experiences from musicians, producers, audio engineers, and more, within the industry. Jaian and Anthony want to create a space to learn about their fellow sound professionals as well as provide their audience with the knowledge of the trade’s happenings and hopefully inspire future audio enthusiasts to join the field." Hosted by: Jaian Mascotto and Anthony Caci

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