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Kayla Shears moved to Montreal in 2009 from California to pursue her studies in Communications, and in turn discovered her passion for music, sound design and the interactive arts. She developed a firm platform for her musical talents to transform and mature, involving herself primarily in the international electronic music scene for ten years performing in front of thousands of people at festivals and events across the globe. Since her teen years, she has always been involved in projects or ideas bigger than herself, and has consistently managed charitable fundraisers or community events and discussion panels to create opportunities for individuals or groups facing adversity. She has created many positive changes through the music and arts communities in Montreal and abroad. She bridged her music career to the realm of Sound Design and Interactive Media Arts by completing her BFA at Concordia University in May 2019 in Electroacoustic Studies with distinction obtaining 5 grants and awards during her studies. She is recognized by the Canada Service Corps for her valuable contributions towards improving Canadian communities. She has been recognized by her peers through curating the first Loop Sessions WXMN event in Montreal and being commissioned for the 2020 annual Nuit Blanche event at Le Gesù. Currently, she is refocusing her ten year music alias into E.Sunrise Productions, bringing to life installations featuring prosthetic reality, video editing, sound design and other mixed/media arts. She defies many stereotypes and boundaries for people on the autism spectrum, and sits on the board of ELAN Quebec’s Inclusion Committee representing artists with disabilities until late 2023.

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